Diversions for the drive down?

We’ll be driving down to WDW this December (less than a week!) with three young kids (2, 4, 4). We’re leaving plenty of time for the drive. For those that have driven in from the northeast/east coast, are there any short diversions along the route I-95 corridor that you would recommend to break up the drive? Anything from the NC/SC border and south would be most helpful but curious to hear any other ideas as well.

I don’t have a specific suggestion, but our last road trip I googled road tip stops along the route we were on or in the area we were about to be in. Found the Jello museum of all things. It was a fun one time stop. In Upstate NY, so not helpful for you, but the technique would probably work for you too? When we drive from Ohio to Florida, we’ve picked a city to stop in and experience a little bit of it before moving on.

I’m from NJ and do the NJ - FL trip once or twice a year. There are sorts of places to stop depending on how long you want to stop. Of course there is DC, Baltimore which has the inner harbor and the aquarium. There is a wonderful place in VA called Maymont that is fun for kids, it like a living museum with animals and what not. We took our daughter there once and DW wants to go back all the time. I think it is around Richmond. Then there is South of the Border which has some kid rides but it is a tourist trap and is a stop that should be made once. Then there is Savannah GA, Saint Augustine FL and Daytona. But of all the stops I would do Maymont with the little kids.

If you’re into stock car racing, the Richard Petty museum is sort of off the 95. Well, probably a few hour detour. Okay, probably closer to the 77, but if you’re a fan, it’s something different.


Google I-95 road trip there are lots of
blogs and websites with lists of pit stops by state! We use them!

Pedro wants you to visit South of the border. Restroom stop.

You can ditch 95 and drive the Delmarva penninsula. Stop and see the ponies and miss DC and Baltimore

On one of our drives back from Florida, instead of doing the usual I-75 straight (?!?) up to Michigan, we decided to head through the Carolinas to see the colors (since it was autumn). We stopped off at Hilton Head Island so that he kids could see the ocean.

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GIven that my drive is straight down 95 from Northern VA, I should probably have more input. I don’t - we tend to prefer an early start and have people try to grab a nap if they’re truly bored.