Distancing Question


We (spouse, three adult children) will be visiting DL and DCA next week (2 days, park hoppers) and I am very excited since it will be my first time back in more than 3 years. :slight_smile: I am a big planner when it comes to DLR but with no fastpasses and some confusion (on my part) as to what (if any) pandemic rules are still in place I am struggling to figure out our best strategy – other than getting there early as we always do.

One big question I have is whether or not DL and DCA are still enforcing any kind of social distancing on the rides. For example, are they still only loading every other row on Pirates, which makes this a much slower loading ride? If not, then I may not have to worry as much about how early we hit Pirates.

Thanks in advance for any information you can share and any other advice you might have for us as we return to DLR.

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I asked my daughter who just went to DL on Tuesday. She said there was no social distancing or any other pandemic rules that she could see. Seems like business as usual.
Have fun!!


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Any and all social distancing (for queues & rides, but not characters) was dropped like a hot potato June 15th. When we were there (6/15-6/20) there weren’t even any markers in place- some queues you could see the faded outline of where a sticker had been for the weeks leading up to June 15th but any and all markers in queues (and loading procedures on rides) were totally gone. So for rides that eat up large capacity of people it’s very doable at lot of hours of the day. The only big difference in operations that we saw (that seems to still be in place but I don’t think for much longer) is that character meets are still distanced, with no lines, just walk up to their rope snap a quick pic, wave hello and on to the next thing.

The main precaution they have left is that they recommend masks indoors for unvaccinated individuals (zero enforcement) and there’s language just about every page on the website that talks about tickets or hotels that they recommend being fully vaccinated or getting a Covid test prior to arriving (again, no enforcement).

When we went, I noticed every time I entered either security area, the DL app on my phone would pop up a notification regarding COVID risks being inherent with being around people. So it was a nice big welcome to Disneyland- come at your own risk!


Thank you for the reply and the information. I will definitely have fun. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the helpful information. I am glad to hear that those restrictions were dropped, and am looking forward to having a more “normal” DLR experience. I will sure miss the Fast Passes, though.


I’m here today! No social distancing, no mask enforcement of any kind, single rider lines are available and parties are being mixed on all attractions. Have a great time!