Distance walked using personalized touring plans

I would love to hear all of your experiences with this! Our trip is in 2 months, and I am trying to increase my daily walking but am having some foot issues. I’m trying to gauge how much walking I’ll actually do utilitizing my plans I created. I tried to make them as efficient as possible, but I’m still nervous and would love you hear if any of you have toured and kept track. Thanks!

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I am also interested in this. Wondering how minutes of walking translates to distance in the WDW environment.

Yes, particularly because with the personalized plans you can change your walking “pace”. I’ve chosen relaxed but have no idea what that translates to in terms of MPH. Some peoples idea of relaxed is very different from mine, lol.

I wear a Fitbit. I was with DH at times, otherwise alone, no kids on this trip. I could go-go-go, from rope drop to after fireworks. My experience per day (not just within the parks):
7/16 Sat - arrival day (airports, CSR, late start at HS) 16,117 steps, 6.73 miles
7/17 Sun - MK all day - 22,084 steps, 9.22 miles
7/18 Mon - EP all day - 18,487 steps, 7.72 miles
7/19 Tues - HS then AK then EP - 23,971 steps, 10.01 miles
7/20 Wed - MK all day, including KttK tour - 19,712 steps, 8.23 miles
7/21 Thurs - departure day - (no parks, just airports) 9,034 steps, 3.77 miles

45.68 miles total for our trip.

This may be your worst case scenario. I used personalized TP, but I was walking fast to average, and willing to do extra walking to save time in lines. I also found I had time to do lots of character meet and greets, and was willing to do extra walking to work them into my plans. I had very few ADRs, I passed through certain areas a couple of times - once to do the ones with high priority or while lines were short, then again later to catch the low priority, low waits, 4th/5th/6th FPP. I felt I did a LOT on this trip, with few things left out. It’d been 8 years since I was last there. I was trying to pack it all in. It will be several years until I get to go again. I admit, doing that pace for so many days is not easy, and I was very glad to be able to rest up back at home. BTW, there are maps on other sites of what the various walking distances are in theme parks and resorts, in overall terms.


Thank you for your reply! Yes, I think that will probably be more than what we will do, but like you said, even seeing a worst case scenario is helpful! We won’t really be doing any park hopping so that’s also helpful, although we do plan on returning to our hotel during the afternoons most days. It’s also helpful to see your full day stats and not just in the parks. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve every walked less than 8 miles and the most was around 15 (per the Health app on my IPhone). I’ve read blogs that recommend walking more ahead of trips (essentially training) to prepare for WDW. Wear good shoes, be prepared (one way or another) for dealing w/ wet feet, etc.

On our last trip, I think my low day on steps was around 22K with some peaks at 30K steps. We were park hopping and often back to Epcot for ADRs which added to the mileage I’m sure.

Thanks for your replies guys! I’m specifically looking for people who have used the personalized plans to save walking and what results they had.

I always personalize my plans to save walking and I still averaged over 20,000 steps (for me that’s about 8 miles) a day. I think my lowest was 18,500 and highest was 24,000.

My family uses personalized plans, and this last time especially we tried to take it pretty easy because we ditched our stroller for the first time (which we regretted because dd4 still just needed it, though ds5 did fine, so we ended up renting one a couple days) and because I was recovering from a serious health issue and surgery. So… We minimized our walking, set a relaxed pace on TP, and took several meal breaks and midday breaks in the room. The low was around 12,000 steps and the high was 20,700 steps (that’s between 6 and 10 miles or so). It is just a lot of walking, no matter how you slice it. Take breaks. Take care of yourself. I had to do a lot of propping feet up, ibuprofen, swimming, alternate ice and heat of my incision site and my arm that still swells up at strange times, etc. But we still had a blast. And if your foot really bothers you, rent a wheel chair. I will also say that Disney walking doesn’t feel like regular walking. You rack up big distances before you know it, just having fun and running kids to the bathroom multiple times (or maybe that’s just me…).

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