Disneyworld during Springbreak

Good Morning! I have a question about fastpass selection when the crowds are at peak and I am parkhopping.(I am going for springbreak)
If I use my allotted fastpasses for the morning what are the chances there will be any left to schedule for the late afternoon/evening at the next park?

We went spring break two years ago. It really depended on the park. MK, yes we were able to get other FPs. HS and Epcot, it was a little tougher. This was pre Pandora so we didn’t spend much time in AK. Often we could get a FP but it might not be until after dinner. We also had hoppers and that definately gave us more flexibility. We were with another family and had teenagers. A couple of times we all reserved FP but would trade off our magic bands and let the kids ride twice. Just get to the parks at RD and you will be fine. We were able to ride everything we wanted by lunch. Lines were bad but not as bad as I expected. What I didn’t take into account was the large number of people walking. It took longer than usual to get across the parks bc of the masses.

Generally pretty good, but you may have to keep refreshing and use the Refresh, Grab, and Modify technique..

As stated above, MK is the easiest park to do this in, but I’ve had good success getting evening FPs at the other three parks when trying to get them in the mid-afternoon.

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Or, another strategy would be to book your FPs in your 2nd park, and just use RD in your first.


Does anyone besides me think that it would be perfectly logical and reasonable to allow people who pay the park hopper premium to make fast pass reservations in multiple parks on the same day? Keep the three reservation initial limit. I’m not trying to be greedy. But let me plan a day of park hopping where I just hit the highlights. It baffles and annoys me that we can’t do that.

They’d have to limit the spacings or else all hell would break loose with people being an hour late and complaining. SO, just for example: Fp1 at park a at 8am, then if your next fp is in Park B, then it has to be end time of fp1 + 2 hours.

Doesn’t seem like an insurmountable problem in the 21st Century.