Disney's Magical Express drop off order

I’ve checked the boards for information and didn’t see any posts on the order of drop off for a hotel like AKL.
We’ll be staying there 10/3-10/9

Unfortunately, there isn’t any set drop off order. It varies.

It appears entirely to be a demand thing. Depends on time/who’s on the bus going where.

It varies, but many of the times I’ve been on board, they go to a Value resort first, then a Moderate, and then to a Deluxe.

Like others have mentioned, it probably depends on the demand. I took DME last month and, at that time, there were a couple of lines at the airport and they would direct people to a certain line depending on where they are staying. I think there were 4 active lines when I was there.
We were staying at BLT/Contemporary and other people in my line were staying at the Wilderness resorts. Our bus made three stops and in this order: Wilderness Campground…Wilderness Lodge…Contemporary. People got off at each stop. When we boarded, the driver asked again which resort we were staying at. I assume they would have skipped a resort on their route if no passengers were staying there.