Disney's Grand Floridian Resort club level

Has anyone stayed at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Sugar Loaf? What is good room here? Trip is late August 2019
What is must do thing at the Disney’s Grand Floridian?

Thank you!

We stayed there 2 years ago. Thoroughly loved it. Expensive, but still loved it. We were fortunate enough to get a tower room in the corner of the building that has a bay window view. Only a couple of those rooms exist. Enjoy the club lounge, it was great … we didn’t go to a restaurant at all the day we stayed on site there. Here is our trip report from back then. GF Sugar Loaf stay is half way down the report. Enjoy your visit!! We liked it so much we are going back ourselves in early Sept this year.

Trip report

Thank you! Have a great a time in September!


Thank you for the information. What floor was your room on and how was the noise?

Interesting that you should ask. We were on the 2nd floor. Rooms in the building are arranged basically in a square layout with the lounge on the ground floor in the middle . As a result the inside of the building in the middle is open all the way up to the roof. Sound will travel up and around if there is a noisy group downstairs in the lounge. The entry door for our particular room had a 1 inch gap at the bottom which let in a surprising amount of hallway and lounge noise. I simply laid an extra bath towel on the floor against the door. Noise problem solved! I did the same when we stayed at the BC … which IMHO was a much noisier resort than the GF. We’re spoiled now. Been to the GF twice and my wife resists staying anywhere else now, if you know what I mean. :heart_eyes:

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We stayed in SL over Thanksgiving week. We were on the the top floor in a dormer room with a marina view. I want to say #6419 maybe? We had no noise issues, but we also always travel with a white noise machine so would not have heard much in the way of noise anyway. The food offerings were great- we ate breakfast there daily, and a couple of nights the heavy appetizers were enough so we cancelled dinner plans.

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Thank you! I plan to bring white noise maker

Just wondering if you are back yet and what you thought of Club Level at the Grand Floridian. We are considering it for our next trip. Is it kid friendly? Thanks!


We stayed in 6419 Sugar loaf and loved it. It is very kid friendly and the location is great you are near the quick service and only short walk to transportation. If you walk outside to the marina near the quick service you can watch the fireworks with a view of the castle. Our balcony had a view of the fireworks but not the castle, so nice! Room was very clean and I used a small fan for white noise to help with noise.
Also the food is nice but very similar day to day which gets old. The dinner snacks are heavier but my 11 yr was not going to touch the Pork belly.
Have a great trip!

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Ha! We stayed in 6419 as well over Thanksgiving 2018. We loved it!