Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort (advice wanted)

We are booked for Free Dining in September. Alas, our first and second choice of resorts (Riverside and Coronado Springs) were already booked by the time we could get a booking yesterday. Fortunately, we got Caribbean Beach. Not on my list at all (because I didn’t know the rooms had all been refurbished, and the double beds were a deal breaker for me), but now I’m happy just to have gotten a moderate (especially with the refurbishments now in place at CBR.) The only rooms left were “Water/Pool View”, so we paid more than I wanted, but it will do.

We’re driving down, so we’ll have our car. Bus stops or routes won’t be a consideration. The thing is, I can’t find any information anywhere on how to select which area to request with Len’s Automatic Room Requester service here. Sure, I can see some nice views, but they’re always packaged in a “rooms like this” with lousy views. And I’m not entirely sure about the advantages or disadvantages of each area of the resort.

Any advice?

We might be staying there in the fall for the first time… I foud this review from josh (think its before the refurb)

Everyone I have heard from says the rooms are very nice now and have always enjoyed the resort!

We have stayed at all the moderates and actually liked CBR the best! The theming and pools are great, it is very quiet and the rooms are the largest of the mods. The location is so close to HS and Epcot, and it is very easy and fast to get to MK and AK.
Like you, we drive so the buses are not a concern. We requested and stayed in Jamaica because

  1. the back exit of CBR is right there, allowing for quick exit of the huge resort without having to circle the resort.
  2. Jamaica is just across the bridge from the main pool and food court, making for a quick walk. We requested a water view (and got it) even though we paid for standard.
    Congrats on getting any moderate, it seems free dining was very limited this time.

Thank you Wahoohokie!

That’s exactly the kind of advice I needed.

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And now I managed to get downgraded to a standard room, saving $400 in the process. Quite happy. I wonder if I should follow your lead and request a water view even though we are getting standard?

Worked for us! We had room 4346. One of the choices when doing online check-in was water view so I picked that, and top floor I think. This was last year. My picture I took from in front of the room is quite a bit better than the one on the TP room finder.

Obviously not as good a view as a “lake” view would have gotten us, but this was more than enough for us at the cheaper price!

We stayed in Aruba 51, which was great: first building next to Jamaica, right next to bridge to pool, food, etc. walked to bus stop at Jamaica because buses came in right there, first stop, nice and empty.

Room was just refurbished then: beautiful, kids loved pull down bed.

I have the same question . we are preferred and I need quite . I looked but couldn’t figure it out what room and building would be best . going in November . thanks

JLLKPRICE We are in the same situation. Going in Nov to CBR with Free Dining. Wondering how you got downgraded to a standard? Did you get to keep your free dining? I am fine with whatever room we get if I can save $ (or re-purpose it :wink: )

We will be in CBR in June. Our sixth time staying there! The last few times, we have paid for preferred rooms and tried to get into the 2-3 buildings nearest to Old Port Royale in Martinique. We have never driven, always used the buses. At times they are crowded, but expect the worse and hopefully you end up surprised! We have always wanted to perhaps try a different resort, but we are afraid we won’t enjoy it as much as CBR…as we love the theme and it makes you feel as though you are on a separate vacation when at the resort. The music helps too!

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Hey! I actually have a similar question as well . . . with the Fall discounts, we were able to upgrade from Art of Animation (Little Mermaid) to Caribbean Beach (standard view) for our October trip. Since we have a resort day planned this trip, we are super-excited about the bigger resort and the waterslides! When looking to request a room, I’ve tried the roomfinder, but the two things I’m really looking for aren’t on there. We really want a room that has one of the drop down Murphy beds for our 3-year old (and we mentioned this when we made the reservation). We also are driving, but thinking we’ll take the Disney transportation to at least Magic Kingdom (maybe HS and EP too) and were wanting to be towards the end of the resort transportation loop (would prefer a shorter ride in the morning). I don’t want to make room requests through the room-finder that will conflict with each other. Any suggestions how to find rooms that match these two criteria?

Thanks in advance!

Bump, I have the same questions about the drop down bed, is there a list somewhere of which rooms have the drop down bed?

Hiya, sorry to be cheeky, this is one of the rooms we want to request for our stay along with the one next door - 4345. Please do you mind if I ask, did this room have the pull down trundle bed that sleeps the 5th person (child) in the room and did it have a connecting door linking it to the room 4345 next door?

It did not at the time, however CBR has had a refurb since then and did add the pull down beds to many rooms. I don’t know if it was added to this one or not though.

I don’t remember it having one, but it’s been a year and a half so my memory might be a bit foggy. :smile:

Sorry I am probably not much help.

hiya, thanks for the reply, it was worth a try asking you just in case, the room does have a nice view so hope it can accommodate our group, fingers crossed. Thanks again

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