DisneyQuest updates?

Anyone been to DQ recently?
The last time I went it September 2015 the place had dingy carpet, semi-working consoles and appeared to be on its last legs.
Given the delayed closure, have they freshened it up at all? Or closed any attractions?
Updates appreciated! Thanks!

I think it’s been closed permanently to make way for some NBA thing.

The NBA deal fell through about a year ago. I’ve not been, but it would have to close for any significant refurb, and I’ve heard nothing about one. I know Disney is still actively trying to find someone who wants to rent the space and would close it tomorrow if they got a deal, so I doubt they have spent any major amounts of money on it…

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That’s what I was afraid of. Almost two years ago it was very undisneylike, more reminiscent of a back alley 1980s arcade than a WDW property. I’m sure the intervening months haven’t been kind to it…

We visited over Labor Day weekend in 2016. No changes. As far as the video game consoles, all seemed to be in working order. The Aladdin, POC, and Jungle Cruise attractions were also functioning. We did not do any of the “art” stuff (animation, Radio Disney). Not my interest, but my DH and DS12 really enjoy it.

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Thanks so much for the update!