Disneyland vs Disneyworld

Out of curiosity if you have been to Disneyworld is it worth going to Disneyland?

We spent a couple of days at Disneyland after several trips to WDW. I really enjoyed it. There are enough different rides to experience and many of the repeat rides are better at Disneyland.

If you like WDW, I think you will have a great time at Disneyland.




Disneyland is my favorite Disney park I’ve been to (the 6 North American parks), but California Adventure is lacking. I would say it’s worth going if you are a big Disney fan and if you miss Fastpass like I do.

Disneyland is my favorite of the two parks. It is smaller and easy to navigate. You do not have to plan your stay. Just enjoy yourself. The corn dogs at the little red wagon are reason enough to visit, but Carsland is icing on the cake.


Disneyland is fabulous and every Disney fan should visit. The planning is much easier and the weather is generally better than Florida. We love California Adventure as well, and do not find it lacking at all. It has Cars Land which is themed amazingly. Some of the best Disney rides are there- Guardians of the Galaxy being my favorite, followed by the Incredicoaster and Radiator Springs Racers, and Soarin.
DLR also has Maxpass which is far superior to FPP at WDW. None of this being denied a ride because you didn’t book your FPP at 60 plus 5 days out like at WDW. Also, you can stack fast passes while you take a break in your hotel room in the afternoon, we often return to the parks with 3-4 lined up. You cannot do that at WDW, only 1 at a time after your initial 3 are used. Don’t get me wrong, I love WDW. But DL is like a fresh breath of air in comparison. It is stress free and easy. I would not say that about WDW! So yes, you should go!


Having been to WDW many times, I still enjoyed Disneyland and DCA. We stayed at Paradise Pier, so everything was an easy 15 minute walk from the hotel to Downtown Disney and the parks. With a 5 day pass, we were able to do everything multiple times. We liked being able to walk from one park to the other. Dining reservations at 60 days were so easy. For the most part, food was outstanding. World of Color brought me to tears. Their Fantasmic was amazing, although sitting on a cushion on the ground for reserved seating was very uncomfortable on my joints. Have gone back to WDW twice since the California trip with another trip in the works. Disneyland is great, but it doesn’t draw me back the same way WDW does.

Having been to WDW many times, and having only been to DLR in 1978 and 1998, I was finally able to make a dream come true and take our family to DLR in 2018. DLR is now our favored park. It has all the same fun with far less of the stress.


I didn’t expect to enjoy Disneyland as much as I did. California Adventure is awesome as well. As others have said, I liked how the two parks are right next to one another, and MaxPass is far superior to FP. The weather was amazing in March. Fairly cool in the morning (48 degrees), but topped out to a pleasant 75. Not humid. So pretty.


For sure DL is worth visiting - I always tell first time Disney visitors (especially those with younger kids) to go west first as it is just so much EASIER to manage and navigate DL compared to WDW.

CarsLand alone is a must see with Radiator Racers being one of the best attractions in all of Disney. And seeing the original Disney park is pretty amazing.

Entrances for both CA and DL are roughly 200 yards apart from each other. It is so easy to park hop!

Many non-Disney hotel options are located within a short walk to either entrance also.

Many, MANY things to love about DL Resort. We enjoyed our first ever family trip there so much in March 2015 we went back the very next year in March 2016. Weather was phenomenal both years for us in March too.

We finally hit WDW in summer 2018 and loved it also. Much bigger and WAY more advanced planning involved for sure. We are headed back to WDW again in 2 months.

Highly recommend giving the west coast a try!


Thank you!

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I think you will find that those of us on the west coast tend to be biased toward Disneyland but it deserves a special place in the hearts of all Disney fans! As the original park curated by Walt himself, there is a charm at DL that you won’t find at ANY other park.

I love the compact footprint of DLR, the excellent unique rides (RSR, Incredicoaster, IJ, GotG, etc.) and a few of the repeats are much better at DL (especially Pirates).

WDW is an experience - it requires at least a week to feel like you’ve had a complete stay. Disneyland is a much more casual experience and can be done in as little as a day (not recommended for rookies) or up to 3 or more days to really stretch it out. Much less stressful as far as planning goes!


Definitely worth it IMO. Been there twice and will definitely go again in the future !!!