Disneyland Vetern's Day Trip

Don’t have the patience or memory for a full trip report but here are my thoughts about our recent trip to DL.

  • So many G+ rides kept going down, that we would have ended up with Golden Tickets anyway, but the IJ/TSMM G+ rope drop strategy paid off every day.
  • DL either has some real maintenance issues or they have pushed their attractions past their limit.
  • When 1 or 2 DCA top attractions go down, Guardian’s gets overwhelmed. 30-40 minute LL wait/120 standby wait.
  • Things are so much easier with a Golden Ticket!!!
  • WOC Holiday is amazing (and this is from someone who isn’t that interested in the normal WOC show. Props to my son for making us do it as we were thinking of skipping it.)
  • BG1 awesome as always, but especially with entering WOC virtual Queue and booking G+ drops.
  • New Tree House is nice, but still just a tree house with lots of stairs.
  • Carnation Café still our favorite sit down restaurant.
  • Wine Country Trattoria underrated / Café Orleans overrated.
  • Saw lots of Disney big wigs there for Veteran’s day fireworks (including I think Josh D’Amaro) as we passed by on way to Rise. Fireworks ended up getting cancelled because of wind. LOL
  • Crowds pretty insane on Friday, but manageable other days. Lots of people in DCA for holiday festival.
  • New food items at Lucky Fortune good, but not great.
  • Ice cream at Clarabell’s and Gibson about half the price as at Ghiradelli (which USED to be our ice cream go to).
  • Got our money’s worth with G+ and park hopping. 41 G+ rides over 3 days including 4 MEPs.
  • Got stuck on Racers (after waiting in single riders). Lights came on during Sheriff scene, but ride eventually restarted and we got a bonus ride.
  • Single rider is only way to go on Racers. Many times 2 single riders will get to ride in same car, as they seat parties of four 2 and 2.
  • Del Sol Inn was nicer than I expected.
  • Long beach airport is now our go to DLR airport as it is much smaller and easier to get of than Orange County and only 5 more minutes away.

Let me know if anyone has any specific questions, and I’ll try and answer them.



I agree with most of what you said but we really love Cafe Orleans! Wine Country Trattoria is better food, but not as good ambiance-wise.

Also I was a little disappointed in Clarabelle’s since they no longer have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Selection is weak.

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We were seated indoors in a corner by the register the waiters use and dealing with a sick kid, so my opinion on Café Orleans is probably tainted. :slight_smile:

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Oh that doesn’t sound lovely at all! :grimacing: