Disneyland Trip Reports

Hi all! I thought I would link to my Disney blog because I’ve loved having Liners read along in the past. You’ll find several trip reports—including a MASSIVE “life report” about the year-and-a-half during which my wife and I were Disneyland locals. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile: http://www.wanderingmouseketeers.com


I’m really enjoying your cruise report. I’ve also started reading some of your Disneyland reports. How awesome that you were able to be locals for awhile. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing! Hope you & Tracy are doing well. It was great bumping into you at the parks when you were here.

Since I’m not great about coming here to post whenever I make updates to these (and other) trip reports, I started Facebook and Twitter accounts for my blog where I make sure to drop a quick note every time I add something new. Follow/like if you’re so inclined :smile: