Disneyland Touringplans missing Frightfully Fun Parade/cannot optimize/less than a week away

This is inaccurate as the parade has been on the official schedule for weeks. The rest of the schedule was just dropped and my other shows are working now and this went from working to not working. I can optimize using a break instead and self picking which parade to see but can someone fix this for others? My trip is in six days.

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I suggest emailing webmaster@touringplans.com . That’s what I do when I find errors in items for my plans.


I emailed them but I also realized Disneyland itself took the posted times off the schedule for the parade all but this week. So it must be Disney’s error.

A work around is to create a “break” during that time

Oh yes, I know all the tricks. I actually ended up making two separate plans for daytime and Oogie Boogie Bash, creating a ton of “Breaks” for the character treat trails. I think we should start in the back of the park with Sid because I feel like everyone else is gonna start up front. I remember last time people were lining up at like 5pm for Oogie and we did him later and waited maybe 5-10 min. I think I’m gonna do character treat trails and try to hop into Villains Grove during the first parade hoping that thins the line plus that’s when it first gets dark. Then finish treat trails, ride Guardians, Incredicoaster and RSR trying to catch 1005pm parade…and see if we can make it onto Web Slingers right after the parade. Last time the parade started in Hollywood Land but there was only parade. Does anyone know where it starts for the 1005 so we can catch it from the beginning but from a location we can run to Web Slingers after?

I’m nor sure where it starts for the second parade – when I went I saw the parade near little mermaid and it was traveling away from the pier. We did the first parade and then went to villains grove, but I will say they block all entrance/exits for 15 minutes to that area from the parade unless you have a hotel key for the grand californian. Luckily we did and we waited 30 min. I talked to staff that night and they said it was the best time to do villian grove because the line gets longer as people come back after the 1st parade. Also near the time for the parade some of the characters leave the treat trails to be in the parade, FYI.

We started the party at the back of the park and it worked well for us; we just happened to be back there when the party started, it wasn’t my original plan and I just went with it. We did all the treat trails - - longest wait was agatha in avengers campus. We had 3/4 of them done before the first parade and were able to walk up to watch the parade and then did villians grove and went back down towards the front of the park to finish the trails and ride RSR, mater (my mom’s favorite) and soarin. Also spent time in lines for photos. We elected to not do web slingers during the party - wait was at min 45 min and ride often went down.

Hope you have so much fun!


Thank you so much. All of that is helpful!