Disneyland tickets

I will have a 3 day ticket that can’t be upgraded (I know this for sure). I know that I need 2 more days but they are value days, I will be adding Max Pass but not Hopper (I also know this for sure). I believe it is cheaper to buy a one day ticket no hopper with MaxPass than a 2 day ticket no hopper with MaxPass because they are value days. Is this correct? Any negative to buying one day passes? If I want to use a Disney gift card I need to either go to the website on my phone or a ticket booth right? Can a buy a ticket the day before I used it if I go to a ticket book?

This is correct. Two 1 day non hoppers with Maxpass is $214 total during value days. A 2 day non hopper with maxpass is $230. I can’t think of a negative to buying two 1 day tickets. I would just buy on the website with your gift card while signed in to your account, the tickets will automatically link when you purchase. Then print out the 2 separate tickets so you don’t accidently use those until the days you need them. They will give you a paper ticket at the turnstyles for the day. I assume you could buy at the ticket booths as well, but that would involve a line which I seem to be allergic to. :wink:

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