Disneyland tickets on arrival

Good morning! We are traveling from the east coast and I plan on buying our tickets when we get there. Should I buy them at the hotel the morning we arrive. at the ticket booth or on line once I know we are safely in California? I want to RD Thursday morning 7am opening so I do not want to get slowed down. We will be in Laguna Beach our first two nights before GCH arrival so I could drive from Laguna to get tickets ahead of time… Thanks!

I would buy them online before you go. Or you can buy them at the hotel when you check in. I would not wait until the morning of at the ticket booth. Also, the parks open at 8 am, unless you are staying at a Disneyland resort hotel, then you can use early entry.

Thank you. We are staying at GCH.

Since you are staying at the resort, I would just purchase them at the front desk. If you are going to DCA the entrance is right in the hotel.

I would recommend buying online - I think you need to buy them 24-48 hrs in advance this way, but they scan a code on your phone at the gate and then switch it for the paper tickets you can use for FP

This is NOT the best choice for RD unless you plan on being at the gate very early; it can be very slow to get through the line. Also, if Carsland or GotG is your first goal, the main gate is considerably closer to both; even if you’re one of the first in at the GC gate, you’ll still be behind all the folks from the main gate. But the GC gate is awesome for mid-day break and leaving at night.

Our first day we are going to start at DL so we will be at the main entrance . We will be checking in to GCH probably at 5:30 am and heading to RD.

There have been quite a few changes in the line since the don’t allow people from other hotels use it during early entry. Unless this has recently changed again.

That’s pretty much what I did on my last trip (except I was staying at PP).

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