Disneyland Things you must do!


We all have our family rituals.. things we do every trip to Disneyland.. Here is one on my Favorites


Shrunken Ned!


I keep walking by Ned, usually stop at Esmeralda, if I remember.


I'm big on the Main Street Vehicles. I like to ride them as much as possible. Especially the Omnibus!


I just experienced Ned for the first time last week! So fun!


First thing we always do is take a round trip on the train! It makes me positively giddy to see everything again. smile


The kids loved piloting the Mark Twain. I'd add it to the list of things to try.


And that's something you just ask to do? Will try that next trip!


Yes we went and and asked. When we did the Mark Twain was down and expected to be running an hour later. She even added me as a reservation so you can always ask about that. You have to be there before the boat. If they don't see you they'll pass it to someone else who's asked. We used the patio eating area to eat some lunch and enjoy a cool drink while we waited. You get to ring the bell, toot the horn, steer the wheel and sign the book. Then they give you a pilot license. If someone's already asked you can wait for the next boat.


I always like to see the witch open the curtain right above snow white's scary adventure..


I've missed this. Where is shrunken Ned?


Hi @Elaineh102 ! He is in Adventureland in South Seas Traders shop..