Disneyland Thanksgiving Dinner 2019

Will be visiting this year on Thanksgiving and I am looking for any information about Thanksgiving dinner for 2019 at Storytellers Cafe. Can’t seem to find any information that is not outdated.


Disney hasn’t released any info on Thanksgiving dining options for 2019 as of yet which is very normal (we went in 2017 for Thanksgiving and I remember it not being available as early as I was looking and I wasn’t looking terribly far out either). It also looks like dining isn’t open yet for Thanksgiving Day (the Tues of that week is the last day that can be selected for booking a dining reservation) so nothing for the day,Thanksgiving meal or just regular everyday Disney dining, is available to book yet.

For what it’s worth, here is our experience when we went in 2017.

When I did find information on Thanksgiving meals only the hotels had information about anything Thanksgiving announced. From all of the hotel meals & options, we decided to do Storyteller’s Brunch so that we got characters and some traditional Thanksgiving offerings (the most Thanksgiving options were desserts but there was turkey and a few other thing I don’t remember now but I do remember feeling the Thanksgiving selections were very light for savory foods). We were there at the tail-end of brunch and at the end of our meal the buffet was turned over for a full traditional Thanksgiving meal that was MUCH busier than brunch. I don’t recall of those dinner guests got the characters or not, but possibly? While we loved our meal (and ALL the fun desserts for the holiday) at Storyteller’s and the characters were fabulous, we left feeling we missed out on the full traditional meal (stuffing, cranberry, etc.).

Lucky us, when we returned to the parks in the evening we discovered that Carnation Cafe had a that day only Thanksgiving plate special which was a complete traditional meal and I remember feeling like the price for it was more than fair We also heard that Flo’s in DCA and the Plaza Inn in Disneyland (both quick service/counter service restaurants) had a Thanksgiving plate but the lines for the Plaza were nuts.

So when we were hungry again for dinner & weren’t willing to be in the nuts lines at Plaza we walked-up to Carnation Cafe, got the last walk-up available (I believe it was somewhere between 7:30-8pm and there was still a wait for it but we liked the idea of having the dinner served to us without the chaos that Plaza was for a similar plate seemed well worth it). Our meal was a perfect, delicious & traditional Thanksgiving meal. And a bonus, it ended just 10-15 min. before fireworks started & we were lucky to walk right out onto Main St. to easily watch. It was definitely a perfect magical ending to our first major holiday not at home.

So from my experience, I recommend following more closely than I did what in park options will have and consider them as well. I wanted to be sure of a nice meal so I booked Storyteller’s and stuck with it but didn’t follow up with any announcements about in-park offerings to consider them over the hotel dining options but ended up loving the park one and considering that one our “true” holiday meal.

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My friend was able to secure her Thanksgiving day reservation this morning.

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