Disneyland Rise- Missed Boarding Group

Anyone know if Guest Services will help out if we miss our boarding for Rise? My party isn’t arriving at park until just before 12pm (and possibly later) so thinking try for 7am and hope to get late morning boarding.

However, if we board before 11:30am, we will miss it. I’ not confident we’ll all be in the park to try for the 12pm. Thoughts?

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Last I knew they weren’t enforcing return times so you should be okay unless they’ve changed that policy.


@jennyturin is right - the end time is not enforced. So you can show up any time after your BG is called. It’s worth showing up on time if you can just in case they change their policy, but they should be accommodating since you can’t control what return time you get.

That’s great news. I appreciate both of your insights. Thank you!