Disneyland ride tips & tricks?

What are some tips & tricks for Disneyland rides?

I came across:

  • go left in jungle cruise line by the stairs where it splits off

  • haunted mansion, which portrait is the one closest to the opening door? Left or right?

Any other rides with " secret " better choices in the line?

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For Haunted Mansion, the foyer area before going into the stretching room has two doors. Either could open so be somewhere that you could easily pivot to either. Then inside the stretching room the portrait to look for in the regular version is the tightrope walker, but I can’t remember which one that translates to in the Holiday version (which it will be from now until Christmas decorations come down early Jan).

For Pirates, at the entrance just under the ride sign, if there’s not a CM directing which way to go, we go right because the left side has a longer extended queue area that adds a minute or so even if the right side is longer in appearance. But if a CM is manning they know how to distribute it so that both sides flow equally.

Indy once you get to the stairs that go up, the line splits left or right. My son and I alway forget which one is faster but I believe it’s the left one. Or whichever one people aren’t paying attention to that there are two sides.

I’ve noticed a lot more though that Disney will have CMs standing at these traffic points to help the flow go very evenly & fairly, so there’s less of them than there used to be.


Head to Tropical Hideaway for a late morning snack overlooking JC before it gets crowded at lunch-one of my favorite things we did in August.


Matterhorn has two different tracks. The one on the left (closer to Tomorrow Land) is rougher. Avoid if you have any back issues. G+ riders seem to be funneled to the right.

MMRR has the late right or left decision. Right for the front half of the train, left for the back half if I recall correctly.


Walk thru the castle indoor exhibit. At the top hall about midway on your left (opposite all the pretty displays) is a spooky old looking door. Try to open it.


Just saw a video about a simba card.
Andstone secret trees.

There’s so much secret hidden info! Lol

Is there still a jungle cruise map?

We haven’t asked since after the covid closure, but the last several times we did before, they had them only sporadically. Some CMs would be kind enough to tell us when they expected them to have more back, but not always.

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Little Man of Disneyland’s house is another one.

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What’s this,?,

Little Man of Disneyland