Disneyland Resort on low crowd days

We are going to DLR on Sept 13-14, crowd level forecasts are: 13th: DL = 1, DCA = 4; and 14th: DL = 2, DCA = 2 (DCA closes early at 5). How would you characterize the parks at those crowd levels? I know 1 = low crowds and 10 obviously = high, but I wondering what the park experience will be like at those 1, 2, and 4 crowd levels. We have Park Hopper passes for one day, which we plan to use on 9/13 so we can see WOC at DCA due to early DCA closure on 14th (bummer).
Thank you!

The crowd level scale is built around wait times so what those low numbers are predicting is very, very low wait times. As a bonus, if that forecast holds out to be the actual crowd level, you should be able to enjoy some “room to breathe” as you walk through Disneyland’s narrow walkways.

The park hours will be shorter so encourage your touring group to earlier for opening and stay until close. WOC will be the only nighttime entertainment offering & on the 13th will be quite busy with those in your same situation only able to see it that one night.

Early in the day on 9/13, make sure you pull a WOC FP (located near Little Mermaid ride right next to the edge of Grizzly Peak area) . Return to the viewing area about 40-50 min. before the showtime to get a spot at a railing so you have a clear view. If you want to be closer to the front of the show (more likely to get wet depending on the wind) then arrive 70-90 min early & line up with those waiting to be let in once they open up the viewing areas at 60 min. prior to showtime. Since being up front takes so much more time we usually opt for coming just a little bit later & getting a further back railing view.

Lastly, just wanted to point out that if you bought multi-day tickets & a Park Hopper, park hopping will be good for all the days of your tickets. So unless you bought one day tickets for each of your days & only purchased a Park Hopper for one of the days, you should be able to hop both days. I would encourage hopping! The parks are a stone’s throw away from each other & both entrances are within the security bubble so it takes as little as 1-2 min to go between gates making it easy to enjoy your favorites in each park without having to stick to one side all day.

Thank you Lolabear_la for this amazing response! I do plan to be there ahead of opening time both days and really making the most of both days. We had only planned to use a Park Hopper that first day and many hit DCA but I will reconsider based on your input. The tips for WOC are extremely helpful. Thank you again!