Disneyland Paris - Tips Please!

Hello all,

The wife, kids (10 and 9yo boys) and I are planning a European Adventure for this June/July and are ending with 2.5 days (travel in the AM from Paris) and 3 nights at Disneyland Paris.

I know this is slightly off topic from Disneyland California but I love these forums and everyone is always so helpful. I’m an experienced Disney World planner and can navigate those ins and outs without issue.

However I have some questions on this new to me park.

It seems pretty manageable. 2.5 days should be plenty for rides and shows etc, correct?

With that also being said, do I really need to do their Premier Access? If it’s worth it I’m fully on board, just wondering if it’s truly necessary for that time of year and the park size.

Planning on staying at the Disneyland Hotel because not sure when we will be back and it’s right there.

Anything else I need to know?! Any good resources?! I normally use thr Unofficial books but sadly didn’t find one for Paris.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all help!



Howdy. I was just at Disneyland Paris in late March and we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel as well. It was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. This was our second trip to DLP, both trips we spent about 2.5 days and both trips we could have used more time (but wasn’t willing to sacrifice other parts of the trip for it).
We did not need Premier Access Ultimate at all the first trip (mid March 2023) but did have it for one day this year. It was much more crowded (it was the week leading up to Easter) so I was glad we had it. We spent that day focusing on the rides and the second full day focusing on the shows and other lower wait attractions, plus some repeats. Don’t miss the shows, they do take a good bit of time with waiting for them and the actual show, but they are all 3 worth it. Amazing quality! We could have probably made it work without Premier Ultimate, but I was so glad we had it when I saw how crowded the parks were. We did also use the Premier Access One for 2 different rides, one each trip.
I can answer any questions you might have, but will also link my two trip reports if you are interested. Lots of pictures and details in both of them.

This is 2023 and DLP starts at post 240 if you want to skip the other NYC/Paris parts.

This is 2024, DLP starts around post 171.

Hope they are helpful!


At what point did you buy the Premier Access?

I bought it 2-3 weeks before the trip if I remember right.

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Thanks. I had it in my head that it was bought on the day like G+.

You can buy it (the Ultimate version) when booking your package if staying onsite, or anytime before arrival. You can also buy it the day of, if still available. Premier Access One can only be bought day of on the app, and can only be bought for 3 rides (can be any of the 3 that offer it, just cannot buy for more than 3 in a day). We did use this once the first trip for Crush’s Coaster and once the second trip for BTMR to avoid long lines. During slower times, that would be enough. During the week we were there this year, the Ultimate (something like 15 different rides) was worth it. It was quite a bit less to buy it for 1 day for the 2 of us than to dine at Lumiere’s for dinner so I chose rides over princess/prince dining. :rofl:

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I would choose rides too! Thanks for all the details.


Thank you all for the help! I’ll be diving into this over the coming days.