Disneyland Paris Tickets

Does anyone know if you can upgrade your tickets for Disneyland Paris. Not sure if we will be doing 1 or 2 days - can I buy 1 day and then add an additional one?

I’m not 100% that you can. However, they are extremely accommodating to North American guests. Just before the main entrance there are a number of customer services locations. Just drop in and ask. I’m almost certain that this would be a doable option for you. (wish I could be 100% certain…) Have fun! Try and get that 2nd day in if you can. You’ll need it to do all the main things, and there are many. Best Space Mountain ever!! I loved Pirates as well. The biggest thrill for me was the walk through 20,000 Leagues attraction. Hope you post a trip report @Tigger613!

Hey - does anyone have any experience from ORY to Disneyland Paris? We hare having issues getting to CDG and may fly into ORY instead and go to Disneyland Paris - any suggesting welcomed

Are you staying in a disney hotel? The magic shuttle runs 7 days a week from both airports to the hotels from 9am to about 7pmish if I remember correctly.
There is a charge but with ORY that or a private shuttle is probably your best bet as the train links aren’t the best and you’d have to go to paris and transfer over. Doable but longer and a bit of a faff

Thank you!! Not 100% sure. Think we will stay onsite just to make it super convenient. Also for some reason my wife is a bit skiddish to go into ORY as compared to CDG - personally I don’t care. Is there anything bad about ORY?

I haven’t flown to paris in a few years (eurostar is far more convenient from the uk) and have only landed in orly once. Personally I didn’t have problems but it does occasionally get bad reviews. Mainly I think people expect it to be more like cdg which is significantly bigger and is therefore more efficient during peak times. But you shouldn’t have too much trouble with either tbh

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