Disneyland Paris Help!

My friend and I are planning a trip to Paris in June with a start at Disneyland Paris. We are trying to decide between 2 or 3 days and would appreciate any advice.

*It would be the beginning of June and on weekdays for lower crowds.
*This would be just after the refurbishment so there might be higher crowds than we expected
*We’d be arriving early morning (PDL includes tickets with each day you are there. Not each night, so 3 days, 2 nights would give you 3 days of park tickets. We were planning on taking a redeye on Sunday night and arriving early Monday morning and going straight to the park. My thinking is that that first day won’t be great. Adrenaline will kick in but so many things could go wrong: 1) Our flight could be delayed. 2) Going through customs, traveling from the airport etc. takes time.
*We love rides and doing our favorites more than once
*We may not do many shows - there doesn’t seem like there’s many anyway? (And I’m sure most of them aren’t in English anyway
*When we go to WDW, we usually go during low-crowd times and find that one day per park is enough

So what do you think - will 2 days be enough or should we do 3? (I’m leaning towards 3 - she is leaning towards 2)

2 was plenty for us. We went in a similar time of year. WDS is a half-day park, at best, and with high wait times on Ratatouille, you’re not likely to get more than three rides in without waiting anyway. We found plenty to do in PD (Parc Disneyland) but with low wait times we got most things done, including re-rides, in that two days’ time.

If one of your days is a partial day, I would recommend three days. If you are getting there on Monday and staying two nights that would give you part of Monday, all day Tuesday, and however much of Wednesday you want to spend. If you feel you have done everything you want to by mid-day Wednesday you could move on to the next portion of your trip then and you would still have Wednesday morning to do some repeats early in the day, though not that much is open during their EMH.

I did 2.5 days with 2 kids in tow. I would have LOVED to have had 3 full days, but it wasn’t possible. If you are diehard and love to soak up ambiance, i would most definitely recommend 3 days. DL park is astonishingly beautiful, and it takes time to really enjoy. Also- as someone who travels overseas A LOT: adrenaline will be great to keep you going, but the moment you see a bed you may collapse. I recommend staying up through the day, but focusing on getting to bed early that first night or the next day will be toast.
With small kids we did an entire day (with dinner at Chez Remy) at WDS. The kids LOVED the toy story rides. You CAN easily spend a whole day there, but if pressed for time, you can condense into a half day.
If you want more planning tips, let me know.
We loved it there, have a blast!!

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It is not as big as the parks in the US so I think two days would be fine. We were there three years ago and did it all in two days.