Disneyland Paris 2021

I have not. I have only stayed in Orlando at the two main theme park areas of USO or WDW or taken the cruise out of port canaveral. I have been to art museums in NYC and Dallas but I never think art when I go to Orlando. As my kiddos are growing up I foresee the ability to do this more so thanks for letting me know to check!

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Sounds like we may well be moving our hotel then! Shame, we got a great rate with the DLP Hotel. Was going to be a Christmas treat!

So sorry to bump this, but I went to finally pull the trigger and book, but is DLP NOT fully refundable like WDW? It’s offering me cancellation insurance and looks like I would have to pay 15% if I cancel. Is that everyone else’s experience? If so then I don’t think we’re ready to book.

When I booked last year I booked a hotel/ticket package through Travelocity and it was refundable. I think it was already refundable even before Covid.

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Oh interesting! So I looked and Travelocity and Expedia are both offering free cancellation but are ~$200 more than Disney direct, so I wonder if they just are including the price of Disney’s cancellation insurance.

If your mother-in-law lives in Germany maybe you can take advantage of DLPs offers for Germany/Europe.

I just had a look and they are still offering free cancellation up to 7 days in advance and their prices are currently pretty good.

Thanks! That is a good idea. I had actually priced out booking via the German site, the UK site and the Canadian site (just to get a few currency perspectives). The UK was actually the least expensive, but I was wary of relying on the exchange rate. But now that I go back, all 3 sites have this same advertisement. What I can’t tell from our dear friend Flash is if I have to buy the cancellation insurance ($30pp) for it to apply?

From my understanding you don‘t have to buy travel insurance, it‘s currently included with all packages.

At least I didn‘t have insurance last year and cancelling 8 days in advance was no issue. Usually that would have been 50% cancellation fee.


Last year it was 50% but of course with covid we got it all back

Edit and from America we booked the Irish rate cuz it was best so it doesn’t seem to care you just might have to pay in a different currency so make sure your Cc doesn’t charge @melcort10

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For our booking a few months ago, it was free cancellation (I think it still is) - they tried to flog us insurance at the end too, but I don’t believe you need it

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Ok, thanks, this makes sense and is what I thought but I get tripped up every time I click on the actual terms and conditions. But folks on the Dibb seem to have gotten “zen refunds” very quickly.

I definitely have no-fee cards, but I’m also nervous that if I don’t pay up front a shift in currency exchange could wipe out my savings! And I don’t want to pay upfront.

Yeah this was always something that precovid I preferred to pay up front so I’d know but I did get hit when I got refunds but not too badly

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I booked! The price was really good and they actually updated the site to make the Zen guarantee more obvious. Woohoo!


Very excited for you and with this new announcement about all adults getting vaccinated (well the ability to) by May (Fingers Crossed) I hope Europe will let us back in!

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My husband and I seriously chant this.

Stop the presses! Is that really the price for 4 days tickets AND hotel?!?! Is it just for one person or for everyone? Seems like a smokin’ deal either way.


It’s 3 nights for 4 people! (I think technically 3 people because my 2-year old is considered an infant.) I’m not even sure that I could get 4 days of park-hopper tickets for 3 people for that price at WDW!

The hotel doesn’t have a pool but it seems very well themed and is walkable to both parks!

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OK this is one thread I won’t be showing DW.

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Hahaha it’s worth noting that it’s gonna be like $2800+ to fly all of us over there!


I hope your dumb country will let me back in.