Disneyland newbie

I have never been to Disneyland and know nothing about it, but am thinking of maybe planning a trip in the next year or two. How many days do I need to fully experience it?

Also, is the price comparable for a say 5 day trip staying on site to Disney world?

I’ve heard some say one can do DLR in three days, but I would recommend at least four if not five. We did a nine-day trip last October and didn’t get bored. (But we were exhausted.)

If you stay on Disney property at DLR, the price would be more comparable to a moderate (Paradise Pier and Disneyland Hotel) or to a deluxe (Grand Californian). There are what are called Good Neighbor hotels that are off site but still very close to the parks where you can get rates that are more comparable to the value resorts at WDW.

If you want to stay on Disney property, you can save some money booking through sites like Orbitz. We booked through them at the Disneyland Hotel for our October trip and had no problems. You might check mousesavers.com too, as they will usually post current discount codes you can use on Orbitz or CheapTickets.

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If your group is a park open to park close kind of group, then in 3 days you can get it all, but you’ll be exhausted by the end of it.

If you’ll need time to break back at the hotel (which I recommend especially with kids), then I always recommend at least 4 days for your first time. Also, IMO by the time you’ve paid for 4 days, 5 days is not that much more and gives you breathing room to enjoy it all and not have to feel rushed to get it all in.

As for on-site, Disneyland only has 3 options and they are all so pricy compared to what you get at a Good Neighbor Hotel across the street from the pedestrian entrance. Most of the ones immediately across the street too (off-site) are closer than 2 of the 3 onsite. So really with the on-site price you pay for an extra hour of park time each morning and being in the bubble (which is far away from convenience for any cheap groceries) but very magical and eliminates some of the real life city that is not Disney magical when you stay offsite.

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Thank you, exactly what I wanted to know :slight_smile: