Disneyland New Year’s Eve crowd level


Hi all! Just looking at the crowd levels for Disneyland and I see levels of 10 for the 28th and 29th but then 9’s for 30, 31(!?!) and 1. We are frequent Florida visitors and would never dream of going to Disney on New Years because the crowds are 15/10 or worse.

Is it really possible that New Year’s Eve in Disneyland is less crowded than Dec 29th? 9/10 actually sounds survivable!


A few years ago Disney did make a move to block out all but the highest level of passholders for Christmas-New Year’s and that seems to have helped it come down some, but it’s still nuts IMO!

Also since CLs are measured off of wait times & not walkway density, my guess is that the lines may be a 9 but the walkways, will be a 15-20! Especially considering how narrow the walkways are in the majority of DL.