Disneyland Monorail - Quicker to the Park?

I will be staying at the DL Hotel the week of Thanksgiving and was wondering if taking the Monorail from Downtown Disney is any faster to get into DL or is it better to go through the main gate.

Also as a follow-up - is the monorail open during early admission?

Second follow-up - can you make Maxpass reservations once you go through the turnstiles at the monorail station in downtown Disney?

So, good question. The wait for the monorail can be pretty high (I have seen 20-30 minutes on weekends). Which means, if you are all young and walk pretty fast, it tends to be faster to go through the main gate and walk all the way to Tomorrowland.

If the app says the wait is 5 minutes, than it is faster than walking to the gates.
Maxpass reservations can be done once you go throught the turnstiles. That validates your tickets.

Thanks. I guess it will be a “game time” decision then. It would be nice to secure Maxpasses immediately after passing through the Monorail turnstiles.