Disneyland mini review after all my questions!

We went October 31 & November 1.

We were there an hour or so before park open , first ones in both days.
Thanks to the time zone difference it was easy to be there early, but we left before 6pm each day.

We had an AMAZING time. Dd loves Disneyland, it was her first trip.

The weather was perfect. October 31, low crowds. Nov 1 around 1pm it was noticeable packed, but we used our lightning lanes and had a great time.

We did so much in the morning, I think we were able to accomplish like 8 rides in the first hour. It was so much fun.

Haunted mansion holiday is so unique and cool. Loved it, we did that 5x in two days.

Indiana Jones became dd’s favorite. She’s a little concerned that she looked into the eyes.

Matterhorn - I thought I’d hate this but boy did I love it. We got to go back to back two times one morning.

Gadget coaster- awesome. Better than barnstormer.

Space mountain- so much smoother than wdw version!! Loved it.

Big thunder mountain- better than wdw! So cool.

Alice in wonderland awesome!

Pirates- awesome with 2 drops!

Stayed at the Anaheim hotel, it was cute, the price was right and it was a close walk.

Disneyland, we will be back!


Great to hear you enjoyed it! HM five times in two days is impressive. Those lines can get long during the overlay season.

Which other Fantasyland rides did you try?


Thank you for the review. Great to hear you had fun. We are going to Disneyland for the first time this summer with DD8 and DS6.


Thank you so much for reporting back. So glad you had an amazing time. You went in with lots of questions and a plan and it looks like you really got a good chunk of things done!

We love HM Holiday so much too so I’m glad you got to experience its uniqueness. My DD10 is a huge fan of Jack & Sally & I love the Haunted Mansion in both forms (regular & holiday) so it’s always a must-do, as many times as we can convince the little kids to ride it.


We did:

Alice in wonderland- cute!
Mr toad- cute
Pinocchio- meh
Snow white- meh
Storybook canals- meh lol

Oh my gosh and how can I forget my ultimate favorite at wdw! Runway railway!!
Obviously, better queue at DL. So neat how picnic scene was on the right instead if left, daisy’s dancing room exit was in a different spot. Exiting to a gift shop !

Toontown is so cute. My daughter loved Mickey’s house and minnie’s house.
We loved the free roaming characters and saw goofy, moana, & others.


Everything exceeded our expectations!

I was wondering if I’d see a difference in cast member behavior compared to wdw, every cast member interaction was great! Guest relations were so friendly and helpful when my phone the app wasn’t working.

Coming from the midwest, it was funny seeing people in winter jackets, beanies, gloves when it was 60° on the cool mornings.

Cast members at each ride were friendly and happy to be there !
A few remembered us from the day before even which was a really neat feeling!

Millennium falcon cast members were really in character and I felt like they let us explore while waiting, where as at WDW they always tell us to stand and wait in an area & I feel like they really don’t want you moving around.

Overall, such a positive , fun, happy experience!

I can’t wait to go back.


You did it right and all of these statements are accurate.

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You’ve got to do it at night. It’s better all lit up.


My kids are a bit big now but this one of my favorite places with them when they were little and it’s redone up nicely.

I’m super happy you loved it so much. It’s my favorite too, overall, all things considered. I’ve only got Paris left to compare it to.

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This reminds me that when we were at DLR in early October, the CMs were nicer than they have been the last couple of trips! I didn’t notice any rude or snippy ones. Glad you had a good experience.

I think Snow White is one of the best dark rides in any Disney park! It is not spectacular, but maybe you have to have seen the old version to appreciate the changes.

Storybookland is quaint – not exciting by any means, but it’s one we often go back to.

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So glad you had a great time!

When I read your list I thought “oh no! They skipped toontown!” Glad you didn’t!

This is Alice for me.


I feel like my Storybook Canals experiences have been very “skipper” dependant. Some of them have been outstanding. But the most recent trip I only knew what he was saying because I was familiar with the ride.

We also always have fun on Casey Jr. It doesn’t look like much but features one of the best songs on property. Can’t help but put me in a good mood.

Did you try small world? Everything about it is superior to the WDW version.



When they sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher it can put a real damper on the experience.


Great explanation for why I love this ride.


It’s a small world was closed for refurbishment.

Our storybook person was pretty enthusiastic and funny, so I think that helped

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