DisneyLand military room/ticket offer

Disneyland has just announced Room and Ticket Salute Offers.

Room discounts are for 2021, while the Ticket offer is for 2021 & 2022!

You can see the details in these two posts:


Thanks for the information. I will let my nephew know. He is stationed here in Washington.


I’m military and thank you for the info, even though I’m on the opposite coast. DL is a long term goal of ours…I hope they keep doing the discounts. Every time of my 3 times we’ve gone to WDW it was “we need to do this before they cancel the discount.”


When DH was stationed closer to DL we took advantage of the deep resort discounts and salute tickets. It was wonderful! Now we were in FL again sooo… we are watching the mil discounts here. They still have the salute tickets that are very good and nice room discounts (don’t really need the rm discount now)

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