Disneyland Magic Key freebie offers! Photopass Magicshot and Foam Panda Paw

Ride photos are free with Magic Keys and around both parks they will sometimes offer special photopass magicshots. And they offer free items like the Foam Panda paw :blush::rofl:
I can’t pass these up so my daughter will be driving us down tomorrow morning to partake in all the things. :heart::heart:

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I’m here now & will be in the parks tomorrow. Hopefully we can meet up to say hi at some point. I’ll be starting in DL but was planning on spending most of the afternoon/evening at DCA.

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XOXOXO Definitely! I’ll post here when we get in!:blush:


There is this Seek and Find Season of the force going on now too. You get a map, seek and find in GE then return to receive a decoder card. We didnt have enough time before our train left to complete so they gave us the cards anyway. This is for everyone and you do not have to be a Magic Key Holder

Then there is also this free guide. We didnt get the little redemption token/cardboard coin. Kinda like a drink coaster but smaller

Hey, Deb, did you guys make it? I’m at my hotel resting because I’m exhausted from doing the Star Wars party last night. I should be in DCA in about an hour if you are around.

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We made it in Darcy but ending up leaving around 2:30. It was so hot and crowded. Jessica drove to Anaheim for the first time and I had a major headache from it by the time we got to the park. LOL That girl drives way too fast and close to other cars. I saw my life flash before me about 10x. :rofl:


No problem. It was very hot & crowded yesterday! And I have a daughter who drives like that. Always stresses me out to ride with her.


I think I’m taking the train next time :rofl: I now know why after teaching my brother to drive my Mom was like, I am not teaching you! I was way to squirrelly to learn anyway and love being passenger.

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