Disneyland lockers

The lockers inside the park – where are they, and about how big are the larger ones? We’ll have 2 adults at the park from probably opening to closing in late October (gear for early morning chill, Splash Mtn, late evening chill, etc).

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I’m not familiar with the lockers. Maybe @93111tink is?

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I’d like to know. Can a laptop fit in one?


The lockers at DL are on Main Street around the corner past Starbucks. At DCA they’re closer to the entrance on the right side. The large ones are definitely big enough for two people and you can cram a lot in them. We’ve easily fit sweatshirts for 4 or 5 people and some changes of shoes and souvenirs we didn’t want to carry.


Morning! We are about to go rope drop Disneyland this morning so I will try to get a photo of the 2 lockers they offer We got a large locker last night for $10 and it easily fit 2 backpacks. The smaller one is $7 and half the size. Both DCA and Disneyland also have lockers right outside the park too. To the left of each entrance near the restrooms.

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Have a great time today!

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I found this info (I haven’t been to DL myself):

On a PlanDisney site https://plandisney.disney.go.com/question/sizes-lockers-rent-484886/

There are five locker sizes available, including Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Jumbo. Here are the measurements for each of the locker sizes: Small lockers measure 9.5” wide, by 11” high, by 18” deep. Medium lockers measure 12.5” wide, by 17” high, by 18” deep. Large lockers measure 15” wide, by 16.6” high, by 22.6” deep. Extra-large lockers measure 15” wide, by 23” high, by 22.6” deep. Jumbo lockers measure 18” wide, by 25” high, by 37” deep.

This site had a good article, complete with photos:


And I was going to post that same link!
:rofl: great article and it does give measurements :blush: