Disneyland line app

I need to download the Disneyland line app and I can’t find it in the pay store now. What is the name again? FYI I have a paid subscription and already had made my plans so just need to be able to view it at the park!

My app shows up as “DLR Lines”

I had it as of yesterday but when my hubby hard reset it I needed to reinstall. I have an android and I still don’t see it! I looked up DLR lines and touring plans. I was able to download my WDW app but not the DL one.

For some reason it’s no longer in the Google Play Store.

What??? Not fun, I made a plan and not sure how to see it now…


I have no idea what’s up with that app. I used it in September.

I can’t find it in Google play store either but I think if you download the main Lines app you can choose between parks down at the bottom of the home screen.

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Yes! You can through the Universal app but not the new WDW one.

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