Disneyland in August

What are the crowd levels like in August? (I don’t currently subscribe to Land, only World, so I can’t see it).
I don’t need specific dates, just like to know, are they always 9s or 10s all month long? Is earlier in the month better than later? etc.

Also, what is the temp like at Land in August? I hope it isn’t as awful as it is in World in August!

It looks like the CLs are 8s and 9s for most of the month. There are a couple of 7s. During the last week it’s 6s and 7s on the weekdays.

I’m not sure how the weather is there during August.

It will be hot and crowded, but there is much less humidity than Florida. Stay onsite so you can go to parks at 7am every day for EMH, and spend the hot afternoon at the pool. Return in evening and stay late. We did this in late June and is worked perfectly for avoiding the heat as much as possible.

We usually go the 3rd week in August. Crowds are very manageable.