DisneyLand Hotel Room Service

When we stay in WDW I like to surprise the kids with whatever “special treat” the hotel offers. For example the white chocolate monorail from the Contemporary, or Mickey ganache cake. Does the DisneyLand Hotel offer anything special like this? We will be there in October (MNSSHP).

Where did you get it from at the hotel? I don’t recall seeing anything like that when we were staying there, but I also wasn’t looking for it.

I’ve only stayed at DLH once & we didn’t room service but I’ll bet they have something! You can always call the hotel & inquire, that would be my advice!

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We ordered from room service. But you had to know what you were asking for. I was just wondering if DLH had something they were known for. It seems every hotel at WDW has something special…

The Coffee Shop just outside the Fantasy Tower has a yummy selection of muffins, bagels, and these really awesome (and huge) specialty donuts. You can also get a Dole Whip there as well.