Disneyland Hotel Amenities

Other than the swimming pools, gym, and room features like the headboards, Mickey wake-up calls and package delivery, does the hotel offer any other amenities, like hotel history tours, movie nights, etc.?

Trying to at least get some bang for our buck, as I know the DLH in its current form is definitely not worth what they’re charging, but maybe doing one or two resort days might be a decent compromise. But if all there is are pools and a decreasing number of restaurants, not sure if the nostalgia is worth the cost.


I think the GCH has a tour but I’m not sure if the DLH has one. You should definitely do a self-guided tour if there is not an official one.

The pool is nice and you could lounge / play out there for a while. I can’t remember if there are movie nights. The site below lists some of the benefits of the hotels, including cabanas and fitness classes.



How large are the room safes? Big enough for a laptop?