Disneyland Highlights

We’re going to WDW & UOR in mid-Nov, but I just found out we will be in the greater LA area Halloween weekend. Of course I have to stop by DLR! I’ve never been before, it will be a 1 day trip, and I want to focus on the attractions that are unique to, better at, or have special significance to DLR. No kids with us on this trip & I’m open to hopping to hit the highlights at DL & DCA. What would be on your must-do list? Also, DH only visits WDW (and now DLR) to humor me, so any tips on good food, drink or other ways to help him have a good time would be appreciated! Thanks!

Check out @bswan26’s DLR blog post - it is a great read, and covers a lot of things that you are interested in learning about. http://bswan26dl.blogspot.com/2013/02/post-1-introduction-to-disneyland.html?view=sidebar

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