Disneyland Genie+ on low crowd days?

I’m going to Disneyland at the end of October on low crowd days (highest 4). Staying at a good neighbor hotel. We are a party of 5, including a 6 year old.

Is it worth getting Genie+ on a level 4 crowd day?

Depends on your wait tolerance. G+ works really well at DLR, but you can do without if you’re willing to wait 40+ minutes for headliners. How many days?

Crowd level 4 is VERY optimistic for end of October. It might be that for DCA on OBB days, but the level will be higher on days surrounding those parties. If you’re using TP CC, don’t trust it for DLR.


If you can afford it, I feel it is worth it even on low crowd days (especially with a 6yo). If you are going multiple days, you can always try the park with or without G+ on the first day, and change your mind the next.

How many days are you there? My daughter and I just went, I have no idea what the crowd schedule was supposed to be, and we did not use Genie plus at all. There are only a few rides that ever seem to have long waits.

2 days at DL. Planning to do Oogie Boogie Bash on one day