Disneyland February visit- FIREWORKS OR SHORT LINES

My husband and I are up in arms today after finding out our trip planned in February (presidents day week) will not have the fireworks except on the weekends. We already sold this to our 6 year old daughter who is going for the first time, mine as well actually. Monday, (the holiday) we were taking our son to universal studios due to the front of the line passes and then taking the kids to Disney Tuesday and Wed. Now I am seriously considering changing that around so we are at Disney Monday and Tuesday since the fireworks are on Monday for holiday. My husband thinks less crowds is a better benefit and to not change it. I am worried to miss the magic of the fireworks. do you have any opinions? THANK YOU

That is a tough choice. I see that the fireworks show is going to be Remember, which is one of my favorite DL fireworks ever. DL may be less crowded on Wednesday than Monday, but I would not be surprised if both days are packed. Holiday weeks means lots of travelers, and the local passholders really mess with the crowd calendar. This past week when Monday was the legal holiday, Monday was a 10 in DL and a 9 in DCA, and Wednesday was a 10 in DL and a 10 in DCA (based on the crowd calendar). Don’t assume the crowds will be less on Wednesday, the local So Cal APs are blocked on Monday, but aren’t on Wednesday. There are tons of local AP’s that come during the middle of the week. If fireworks are important to you, go on Monday and Tuesday. It will be busy of course, but the hours are longer on Monday, and DL actually does better staffing wise when they know it is going to be busy. With shorter hours on Wednesday, there will be less CM’s working so lines won’t be much shorter. Were I you, I would go to DL Mon and Tues. Actually I would add a day and go on Sunday as my first choice but realize that may not be practical for you. Only two days at DL is not enough to see it all, 3-4 days is better to see both parks.