Disneyland Fantasmic Update

The update is short, sweet (?), and to the point:

"With the goal of delivering the best possible show for our guests, performances of Fantasmic! are currently paused until Spring 2024 "



Wow–such a long time.

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MiceChat is reporting that the Maleficent dragon will not return when the show reopens. This was apparently communicated to employees in an internal email. There will be new special effects instead.

I’m kind of skeptical of this news, maybe it is being misinterpreted … they need the dragon, maybe it will just be the WDW version or some new version.


Cast have been told there will be significant changes to the show, including “a thrilling new finale between Sorcerer Mickey and Maleficent.” They were further told that, “Although the dragon figure won’t be part of the show when it returns next spring, there will be plenty of exciting new special effects to wow our Guests.”

It’s unclear from Disney’s phrasing if a dragon might return at some point in the future, but it’s clear that the show is being rewritten to accommodate the lack of a dragon figure.


Hearting as acknowledgement - definitely DO NOT LIKE rumored non-return of dragon


This news was a gut-punch. All of it. Especially the

I have a DS12 who may or may not be trying to execute a heist of DHS’s dragon when we return to WDW Labor Day Weekend before our cruise to smuggle back to DLR. (Never mind that HS was not in the plan for the very short 2 days before the cruise that we were planning to execute).


I’m so afraid Murphy’s replacement will be some lame, low budget screen. I want Murphy!!! :sob::sob::sob: