Disneyland Express Bus Vs. Car Service

My original intention was for my family to take the Disneyland Express bus from LAX to the Paradise Pier. However, I have heard some negative things about the service and in looking at the schedule, we might not be able to get a bus until almost two hours after we land. I’ve recently heard of Lansky (so?) and JAG transportation car services. Are they worth it? Should I just stick with the bus? (I know the car services are more expensive). Thanks!

We have taken both the Disneyland bus and a car service (though I have not heard of those that you mention). I have not had a problem with the bus. Looking at the schedule, they run hourly. They are inexpensive and take you right to your hotel. We have never had a problem. If they are not convenient when you show up, you can also use them when you leave. When we hired a car service, we went through Execucar service. We had a good experience with them and they were not as expensive as it could have been.

Yes, the timing is our concern. We arrive at LAX at the perfect time to miss the 3:45pm bus, and then not be able to get one until 5:00pm. Then coming back, we have a 9:30am flight out of LAX so will have to be getting to the airport pretty early. I’ll look more closely at the bus pdf and also at Execucar. thanks!

I’m flying in to SNA and plan to use Uber. Any thoughts on that? I’m by myself. I’ve just read that the bus makes so many stops, it may be awhile before they get to my hotel.