Disneyland Dining Reservations Mickey Waffles and Holy Clarabelle Cow!

I just feel so anxious and stressed as my phone literally blew up this morning right before 8am Central time while I had to take my daughter to school. In mere seconds reservations were gone. Is anyone else going through this?!?! It’s a really awful feeling and one of the reasons I prefer Disneyland to WDW because it didn’t used to be like this. This is what I’ve got so far out of the mad chaos and after dropping her off putting on my hazards, pulling over, doing this on my phone and having to break up reservations into two groups (because we are 9 people) so doing it thru the app for one group and my “fake” account for the other simultaneously trying to get similar times. I just feel like I need a mental health day now!

Oct 8 the best I could do was 7pm Trader Sam’s for 5 and 7:40pm for 4 (since they kick out minors at 8pm I’m thinking we’ll split into kids and adults as two of the kids are 17 so can watch the others). I could get nothing closer together immediately and now everything is pretty much gone (definitely gone for parties larger than 4). I just don’t know if this will work so we may just drop it after I have a chance to relax and think about it. Is it worth it for those that have been to split awkwardly 40 minutes apart by kids and adults?

Mickey Waffles for breakfast at Storyteller’s on the 9th and I have had this one for a bit so did not add to my stress

Mickey Waffles for breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen on the 10th (this one lots of availability but was blowing up my phone with texts for all the various combinations of days and times I was looking for since they dropped them all at once and not 60 days out day at a time). I have Carthay Circle Lounge for the adults this late afternoon but I REALLY REALLY want the dinner inside. These were gone so fast I couldn’t get them so I still have an alert set in hopes I can switch the lunch to the dinner.

Mickey Waffles for breakfast at Carnation Cafe on the 11th (yay for the huge ones and decent prices for a theme park). These dropped today and I had to split us into 4 and 5 and try to make them at the same time but I was able to get the exact same time so phew…Earlier I got Cafe Orleans for dinner also splitting us into 4 and 5 but here I got a crummy time imho of 4:30 and 4:40pm for the two reservations but at least they are close together unlike Trader Sams. I’m still looking for an Oga’s drop? I have alerts for 9 and and 4/5 for todaay for multiple times.

Mickey Waffles for breakfast at Plaza Inn on the 12th and I’m searching for Oga’s this day in multiple combos of times and numbers of people.

This is just nuts! I wish I could call someone.

So some things I’ve learned is that the hotel character meal spots aren’t filling up fast as fast nor is Carnation Cafe. Disney does not care about dropping things in an actual timely fashion at the same time of day or actually 60 days out which makes it really stressful to keep looking since you don’t know when to and some restaurants go away lightning fast that never did in the past like Carthay Circle and Cafe Orleans and Trader Sam’s is also gone lightning fast which I did expect. What the heck is up with Oga’s? Did they drop and I just missed it? Goofy’s Kitchen, Storyteller’s Cafe and Plaza Inn can seat large parties of 9. Nowhere else seems to be able to which makes for really stressful trying to double book at the same time in splits with two different Disney accounts. Please someone tell Disneyland this is awful customer experience!

I was feeling so zen about DL ADRs

Until about 5 mins ago :laughing:

I guess we will get what we get and we won’t get upset :woman_shrugging:

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I have most of what I want besides Oga’s in some fashion but it was a nightmare experience and really stressful. And I’m upset about Trader Sam’s and the awkward split. And since you cannot call and talk to them… Maybe when we get there we can work something out and let us all in at 7pm so we can get the kids out by 8pm and put us in tables close together. We’ll see if that Disney magic kicks in or not in person so maybe I’ll keep it just to test out that theory. :wink:

Good luck with yours…maybe it’ll be better for you…your 60 days must be close!

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69 days from today. Getting there.

DL is done one day at a time though, right?

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yes, you get no benefit by staying onsite :frowning:

But also they don’t really seem to be following their 60 days out either for some of their restaurants and there doesn’t seem to be a set time. I highly suggest using a paid service as I was able to get Plaza Inn at like 5am and these others dropped today close to 8am (all times Central). That’s not very consistent and I’m now 28 days out so these drops aren’t anywhere near 60 days.

Nothing is that critical to me. I won’t do it as I just don’t agree with it for myself (no judgment on those who use it).

Fair enough. If you’re looking for the hotel restaurants I think you’ll be fine. It’s the stuff in the parks that seems to go super quickly. (Minus Trader Sam’s but I think they have a walk up waist list as well)

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This is our first time and there are so many places I want to eat that it might even be kind of helpful if we can’t get them all LOL. I can’t make decisions on some of these!

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Yeah, there are some great choices. I prefer DLR food to WDW food in most cases. There are some exceptions (I’m looking at you Topolino’s!).

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