Disneyland Christmas strategies...naps?

Hello! New to this forum here. Question, do you have any Christmas day in Disneyland strategy advice? All helpful thoughts welcome :slight_smile: Would we be okay to leave Disneyland at about 1pm, NAP, then return around 5pm ? Or will we get shut out of the parks due to over crowding?

Grateful for the help.

My two biggest tips are to go early (use early entry if you have it or be ready to line up for regular park open if you don’t) and be flexible.

Going early will mean you definitely want to take a nap/midday break, but you do run the risk of NOT being able to re-enter Disneyland due to capacity closures. DCA has never (in my knowledge) had a capacity closure so if you are ok with your evening plans being flexible and/or exclusively in DCA then definitely take the break. If you are dead-set on being in DL for any specific reason, then stay in the parks & use a combination of high capacity attractions, a sit-down meal and shows to take a break within the parks. If it were me, I’d hit Disneyland all morning, take the break at 1pm, come back to DCA at 5pm & then head to DL sometime between 8-10pm to close out that side.


I agree with @lolabear_la. The last time we were there for the holidays, DL was so packed, we voluntarily left because we could not move. We decided to go to DCA for the evening and it was much nicer.


Just wanted to say thank you for all the advice. We found it helpful. We ended up arriving around 10am and staying until about 10pm. It was crowded, but it was just us two adults and we didn’t mind too much. We were flexible, took breaks, did a sit-down meal and shows to keep the chaos to a minimum. We enjoyed a no-hurry, pleasant Christmas day.