Disneyland character meets

Mostly to share with @heathernoel without further derailing TallPaul’s thread.

Here are some of our wonderful shots from DLR in 2018. I would love to see others!

Friends we didn’t queue for:

A few semi queue - was using the Kenneth the swashbuckler at the time.

And these were planned M & G that were different that any we’d done at WDW. (I left out umpteen princesses and WtP and friends and Mickey and Friends…

Hope others add more!


I love these! I think I have seen the Black Widow one before :heart_eyes:

Now I am sad I didn’t get t-shirts in on time! They are the best conversation starters.

Judy Hopps is my favorite. I am also excited for Reya. Maggie my DD has a bearded Dragon named Loki. I also love Capt Ameica but only if it is Chris Evans :joy:

I can’t wait for next week!


Here is the one I have from past trips. Just wat hed him while drinking a mint julip. The 24 was grom my countdown :sweat_smile:


Oh my gosh - they just are. Thor and Loki were hysterical about the Marvel shirts.

I had that photo of me and Black Widow as my user photo for a very long time.

I almost cried when I met Judy Hopps, and I was so sad when we got home and I saw it was blurry. We had our “real” camera with us, and struggled with the settings the entire trip. (Imagine finding out all of your photos of the grand canyon were in pink and white.)

I would love to meet Raya.

We really did go at peak time for Marvel fandom for my family. It was between Infinity War and End Game and we were all in. I still feel so so guilty for not getting DD to meet SpiderMan. I rode GOTG one too many times AND I was fully expecting to add the 5th day to our tickets for $10 pp. We let our sons, who were Disney’d out, to have too much of a say. Major parenting fail all around. I thought we’d see him the next day.

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Was this OBB related???
That is a Very Rare meet!!

We’ve a two very rare meets in our days - Rabbit from Pooh in 2005 and Bolt in 2015.

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A couple weeks ago about 9am :blush::heart: Mad Hatter gathered everyone to “shake” hands with Geppetto :rofl::rofl: Alice and Pinocchio were there too.



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Oh my - those photos are sad and funny in retrospect.

We watched Marvel through the pandemic - Maggie was too young for a few (Civil War) the first time through, but then when we were doing rewatches she was mature enough for those. And then the D+ series started when those finished so we have just recently slowed down. I tried to get us semi matching ones with quotes from the different characters (I was thinking about doing “I’m always angry”. Because I’m not.) but the family bailed on me in the end.

The Dr. Facilier meet was a very random, “out in the wild” set up. No line attendant, short line. Randomly in New Orleans Square on an August day in 2018. I don’t think it was linked to anything particular. The actor was ah-mazing. I could have watched him all day.

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Geppetto is adorable!

I am realizing that I am going to have to warn my family that I will always stop to watch these shenanigans - because they are absolutely the best. And since I am the planner, they will have to stop too.


They really are so special IMO. I always hear how they couldn’t work in MK, etc., so okay. All the more reason to visit DLR I guess.

And you just don’t know when they are going to pop up. We had gotten our group split up for Dumbo at rope drop, and my girls were off it with DH, when our second group’s ride was starting and I could see Hook by himself wandering in Fantasyland , and we start pointing so DH and the girls would see him, and they had him to themselves for quite a few minutes before anyone else was aware.


Mad Hatter plays stroller Red light Green light. Early morning shenanigans :rofl::rofl::heart::heart:


These are all free roaming characters. Some by Snow White’s wishing well, some by Rivers of America and Fantasyland. :heart:


I remember once watching the Evil Queen stop pedestrian traffic for some Disney ducks to cross the walkway! She was way nicer to the ducks than to us people! :joy:

Watch for this guy driving the fire truck! He’s been working there since the early 70’s and was featured in the Imagineering series a bit. I think he also may have been in Saving Mr. Banks driving Walt (Tom Hanks).

Our recent Judy Hopps! I think I told her she was a feminist icon. :joy:


These are outstanding!
Do you think they are more common early in the morning, than later in the day?

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Well. She’s not a dumb bunny!


I think I see more early in the morning and they kinda taper off to just a few around noon.

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February trip was the first time we saw Moana walking around…

Got lucky that Ant-man popped into a picture with the Wasp…

DS was able to walk with Genie one morning in FL…

Boba Fett was very cool…

But we were most excited about Sulley…


Went back to 2019 to find my all-time favorite. Mary Poppins walking and chatting with DS who was 3 at the time. With the amount of individual attention she gave him, it could have been a Disney commercial…


These are WONDERFUL! Oh I’d be framing the Mary Poppins one!

Antman and Wasp is crazy cool too.

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