Disneyland Bucket List

Hi! I’m working on a series of articles/a possible book that relates to getting the most out of Disneyland. One topic that I want to touch on is what I would consider a “Disneyland bucket list” (i.e. things that you can only accomplish at the Anaheim resort that are special or exciting in some way). My ideas so far range from small/easy-to-accomplish tasks—like riding the Mark Twain in the wheelhouse, riding in the Lily Belle train car, seeing a Disneyland cat, etc.—to much grander tasks that require connections or monetary investment—such as eating at Club 33, staying in the Dream Suite, visiting the Matterhorn basketball court, etc.

I’d love to hear from other Liners about what’s on your Disneyland bucket list. Think big, think small, think somewhere in between. Anything goes. Be aware that I plan to put some of the ideas that I get here into the piece I’m writing, so don’t respond if you wouldn’t want your idea included.


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Hey T, I have been going to Disneyland since 1969 but have never been on the Davy Crockett Canoes!
Looks like a lot of fun.

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Starting off small I would have to say one of the Famous Cats. I love their funny blog. Grand would have to be to see where they store Murphy. ( What Liners who are in park all the time call Maleficent the big dragon they use for F!)

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Dapper Day is on my Disney Bucket list!