Disneygirlmama Does Disney Take 2

I’ve almost completely avoided trip reports since the reopening, with a few exceptions. I don’t like all the photos with masks on and I particularly dislike all the commentary and finger-pointing about rule compliance. I wanted to read yours for a few reasons and I’m super glad I did. I’m so glad you had a fun and relaxing time. Give DH a few years and he will likely come around. :heart:


Last day! We have done laundry and packed a little and eaten up weird leftovers (egg burritos with salsa for lunch? I’ve had worse!). DH watched football a good bit of the day. I took the girls swimming for most of the afternoon.

They caught some more lizards.

We played another round of mini golf.

I talked DH into a cupcake order from Boardwalk Bakery.

We took a sunset Skyliner ride and got an unwrapped one for the return!

Girls had their last Mickey bars.

And we are packing up to head back to NC tomorrow. It’s been a good trip. Here’s to hoping I can convince DH to come back again in 4-5 years.


What a great last night!


Great pool action shots!

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You might be surprised how much they remember from this trip. My parents took me on my first BIG trip to Disney when I was 7 and my second BIG trip to Disney when I was 13. When I look back, my memories of that trip when I was 7 are what usually come to mind first. Of course I don’t remember everything but there are certain moments from that trip that are so vivid and clear - I love looking back on them (and I’m 44 now :sweat_smile:).

Thanks so much for taking us all along on your trip! I loved your vacationing approach. I bet your girls will carry these memories with them for a long, long time. Well done, Mom and safe travels home.


I hope you are right. I have been to Disney a lot (mostly as a child) and the only trip I really remember (until the very recent ones) is from when I was 20. Then again, I honestly don’t remember much from my childhood, so maybe most people remember more than I do. :joy:


Great pics! I’ve enjoyed following your trip. My kids were almost 6 and almost 8 on their first trips (2 different trips) and neither of them remember much. DS16 doesn’t remember much from his trip at almost 12 either.


We’re just going to have to go again, then! :wink:


As many times as possible!


What kind of a room did you have? Was it a one bedroom or two bedroom? I’ve tried searching through the beginning of the post, but figured I’d just ask instead :slight_smile:

Looks like a 2BR to me, as per her own pictures in this post.

Also: my family stayed at WBC during Thanksgiving week, and the layout is very similar.

Also #2: apparently 2BRs are the most common type of room at WBC.

Thank you! Without magical express and FastPasses, off site is lookin’ hella good especially at these rates!

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Indeed. Note that booking directly with Wyndham’s rental site (ExtraHolidays.com) gives you more flexibility (cancelable up to a few days before), but the best deals are rentals from Wyndham points owners.

For Thanksgiving week, with last-minute rental deals, we paid $100/night for our 2BR. The same room for the same dates via ExtraHolidays.com was averaging $250+/night.

Caveat: I’m told Thanksgiving week (when we went) is typically a busy period, so the pandemic probably contributed to the low prices + availability :slight_smile:

FYI another popular off-site resort I’ve read about is the Sheraton Vistana, but that one is not within the WDW boundaries, unlike WBC.

Thank you so much. That’s all very helpful information

Was that thanksgiving week through renting points? Where do you go for that?


(Mods: not sure if it’s against the rules, but hope it’s not, as I’m not advertising / have no skin in the game, and just helping a fellow Liner)

I rented mine from an owner I found on another message board - Google for “tugbbs last minute”. Similar to DVC rentals, if you don’t want to go with an owner directly, there are other brokers too, e.g. Vacation Strategy.

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Thank you kindly!

Yes, it was a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. One room with 2 queens, one with a king, and a fold out couch. The Sheraton Vistana is very nice as well…that is actually where our timeshare ownership is (thanks to my parents, who bought in 20 years ago and we got it after their divorce), but as mentioned, it’s a little further away (maybe 10 extra minutes).

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We have no rules against being helpful! Thank you for sharing the info!


That’s where we stayed last year - we got just a one bedroom (with a king bed) and the living room had a pull out couch. But you can get two bedrooms. We paid less than $200 per night and now, because they sell time shares, I often get offers from them for a four night stay for $250 total. It took us about 15-20 min to get to Magic Kingdom parking with a rental car (so about 30 minutes to tap styles) and about 10 minutes to parking at all other parks. SO worth the savings if you don’t mind forgoing some of the magic of the bubble.

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