Disney YES classes for February 18, 2016

Detail information can be found at DecaturDisney.com. We have two classes scheduled during Presidents Day Week 2016. In spirit of the Holiday we are going sign up for Discovering the American Spirit, The students get to go on stage with the Anomatric at the Hall of Presidents, ring the Liberty Bell, and take home a copy of the Constitution.

2/18/16, 7:15 AM, Discovering the American Spirit
(3rd-9th grade)

2/18/16, 8:15 AM, How Things Move
(K-2nd grade)

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This sounds awesome! Thank you for posting.

That’s pretty neat. Wish I had read up about YES before coming up with all the ways our family Disney trip was going to be educational … charting wait times, ride popularity and interviewing CMs.

That American History is right up my daughter’s alley.

If anyone interestest in attending a Disney Youth Education Series (YES) class during Presidents Week, take a look at DecaturDisney.com.