Disney world, Universal and Omicron

Do you know at what capacity WDW and Universal operates? I am concerned about the Omicron variant. How safe is to visit the theme parks in the nest 2 weeks? I understand that it could be less severe but it could still disrupt the trip. Disney does not provide refund for tickets and issues only credit which can be used only for tickets and cannot be transferred. We are fully vaccinated but kids are only vaccinated and not boosted. I am in a dilemma if I should cancel the trip.

My personal opinion is that if you will be worried, don’t go. This is a vacation, not something you have to do. Worrying will spoil it.


There was some discussion about this on the coronavirus thread today. You are vaccinated, you can wear masks. You will protect yourselves the same way you will protect yourself at home.

Is there value in the trip? Is it a vacation you hope will provide memories to you and loved ones? If you do get sick, is there a risk you will bring it back to high risk family members?


It will be a vacation only. No high risk family members. could you provide me link to the thread?

Will Disney close the parks if any cases detected in the parks?

I am trying from my phone but hope this will bring you to the point where someone posed a similar question today (skipping 1000s of posts)

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Nope… You are just sent home. Remember - Florida is a very “pro-business” state. They want businesses to be open, especially Disney. Also, Disney wants to be open…They aren’t shutting down unless the government makes them and FL won’t do that,

Disney does everything they can to make the parks safe, but you assume the risk with the large crowds. They are not limiting capacity in any way, masks are only required indoors and there is no longer any social distancing.

I’m going to Orlando in February, but I understand that I am putting myself at risk - plane / hotels / large crowds. I’m getting my booster tomorrow and will mask-up while there, but that’s all you can do. If you are looking for a more “normal” experience this still isn’t the time to go…


I have a trip to Universal Feb 1st. We will know doubt go. I agree with darkmite2, There are risks but that is true everywhere. Just look at the news. Vaccination is the key. My wife and I also have a Disney cruise end of April. That is a different story. More a constant testing factor. Test to take the shuttle to and from the cruise from WDW. Test to get on and off the ship at ports of call. We are both vaccinated with boosters. That may not be enough any more. We have Cruise insurance that costs a fortune. It would cover problems we think but the company was taking about if it would cover for Covid or not. We will wait until after the first of the year and look at it again before deciding whether to cancel or not. Don’t need the hassle if the virus keeps mutating. However if we cancel we will change to a two week WDW stay instead of a split vacation. There we don’t have to test or worry about quarrantine.