Disney World Tap Water

I’ve heard a few horror stories about the quality of the tap water around Disney World. We generally don’t believe in drinking bottled water for the most part because of the waste of plastic and the unnecessary expense; we use our own bottles and fill them up when necessary. But is Disney one of those exceptions where the tap water really isn’t drinkable?

We’re not interested in the flavor packets, because that’s just one more thing for the kids to turn their noses up at.

I did not drink it but my son’s girlfriend filled her water bootleg multiple times over a week from the water fountains.

The water fountains are generally disgusting, but the free ice water from QS restaurants is nice.

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My recommendation: bring your own water bottle, get a cup of ice water from the QS locations and fill the bottle with that. The tap water doesn’t get or stay cold well was my observation. Our tap water at home is heavily chlorinated so I’m used to some funky tap water, but warm funky tap water is just yucky.

One night I walked into Columbia Harbor House and just asked for three cups of ice water. They gave us three big cups- no problem.


Do the QS locations have walk-up self-serve ice/water machines where you can just walk up and fill your water bottle with ice and water?

Or do you have to wait in the long lines (as if ordering food) to get ice water from the QS locations?

Same here. And they told me I shouldn’t have queued, I should have gone straight to the counter, but I didn’t want anyone to think I was pushing in.

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I did the same thing!

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Like everyone else we always get ice water at all quick service restaurants.

We get bottled water from Garden Grocer for hotel and extra water at park when pressed for time. We freeze it and carry it in backpacks.

I always take a Camelbak Groove reusable filtered water bottle rather inexpensive on Amazon!

We’re planning on taking our Brita fill n Go filtered bottles. I didn’t know about funky water, but If anything’s going to upset a tummy whilst abroad, I’m sure it’s going to be water!

I abhor bottled water, but I do get it delivered or stock up if we’re staying at the Dolphin (included in the resort fees) when we’re at Disney because the tap water is SO gross, and the last thing I want to do is get dehydrated in the parks. Bottles are probably slightly better than always getting free QS water because you can put the bottle in the recycling bin, versus the cup/lid/straw waste that will go into the landfill.

I didn’t find the water at Disney to be disgusting. And, I have a whole house filter at home so i am used to very crisp, non tasting water.

I’m a local resident. The water comes from an underwater acquifer and it has a sulfer-y taste, but I would bet it is less harmful than bottled water (no BPA). We hate the taste, but drink with confidence, knowing the water is clean. Also, all of the drinking fountains in the park are refrigerated, so the water is cold. I never truck the water in as it slows us down. We use the drinking fountains and just deal with it.

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The tap water, as noted, has a high sulfur content and it significantly affects the taste/smell, especially if you’re not used to it. I would strongly suggest bringing some type of filter to run the water through and/or powdered drink mix to provide a different flavor to cover the sulfur.

We bought a couple of Brita 23.7 Ounce Hard Sided Water Bottles with Filters.
The filter took out most of the ‘swampy’ taste of tap water in Florida. And if you want
ice the quickservice outlets will give it to you for free. With the ice the water was
colder of course - and that masks the little bit of ‘taste’ the filter doesn’t filter.

I kinda chuckle about the whole FL water thing. Clearly, the people who hate the water have never been to parts of Delaware where you can’t stand the smell of the water even coming out of the faucet. LOL

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Delaware water isn’t nearly as bad as Florida - except that Chromium-6
has been showing up in well water. Chromium 6 is the ‘Erin Brockovich’
carcinogen that made her a household name for exposing the contamination
in Hinckley, California.

That’s a good perspective. Hopefully, it is reassuring to visitors that local Floridians are not concerned about the water. Yeah, the taste is nasty, but beings that it comes from way underground it’s better than coming from a river with lots nitrates from flood runoff.