Disney World Railroad Duration Edit

Can I edit the duration of the Railroad ride from Frontierland to Fantasyland in my personalized plans? The durations is set at 20 minutes. It isn’t adjusting the duration for the stops. It’s adding extra unnecessary time to my plan, and I would like to adjust it.

You can edit the time of any attraction/event in your plan

No, I wish it would have this feature too. I am planning to ride from Fantasyland to Frontierland and it would be helpful if I could put that in the plan…

I watched a video of the ride on you-tube and clocked the time traveled between the stops. It’s like a 4 minute ride from Main to Frontierland and a 6 minute ride from Fromtierland to Fantasyland. That doesn’t include waiting for the train and loading. If you just miss the train you could wait 7 minutes before another one comes. But having 20 minutes as the travel time is still very high.

If it really bothers you, put in a break time and label it RR for the amount of time you want to take. I suspect, however, that a little wiggle room may be helpful. We’re never exactly on time for any ride and if something happens, it might be better to overestimate your time than underestimate.



The best way to do this is as mentioned above. Add a break – these and meals are the only things of which you can edit the duration. I have done this with my plans, as I plan to ride it from one land to another and not all the way around.