Disney World Park Bathrooms

In your opinion, what are the best/ worst, most crowded/ least crowded bathroom locations in Disney World’s 4 parks?

Magic Kingdom:
Best - Fantasy Land behind where you stand to meet Gaston (never that crowded)
Most Crowded - Now that the secret is out about how nice the Rapunzel bathrooms are…

Best - Norway
I’ve never really encountered a crowded bathroom in Epcot…

Animal Kingdom
Best - In Dinoland (if you turn left out of Dinosaur)…you can usually run into a character or two over there without a line.
Most Crowded - To the left inside the entrance

Best - Toy Story Land (but they’re also the most crowded)


Great article.

I bookmarked it!

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This is awesome! I missed this article.

The article is 5 years old, so some of those don’t exist anymore (and I don’t know which of Epcot’s will disappear with the new front of park renovations), but there are some good ones in there! I always forget about the ones upstairs by Garden Grill unless I’m actually eating at Garden Grill. …and I thought I’d visited every restroom, but have never been to the one upstairs in Columbia Harbour House…so I’ll have to visit those next trip.

Have been to the one in Columbia House. I find the bathroom across from SFT is TERRIBLE. Splash isnt bad. DIDNT know about the one by caseys corner. Didnt finish the article yet. But the one across from MS in Epcot isnt bad. AK has a good one by Dinosaur. HS, havent found a good one yet, maybe by M3D?

I bookmarked too! Will add into my TP for 2021 when I start the finalization process.

The one by the Hollywood Brown Derby is never busy because only restaurant goers seem to use it. I never even thought to check that door when the Derby isn’t open.


There is a disneyfoodblog video on youtube on the best bathrooms in disney, you should check it out :slight_smile:

Im thinking its the resturants that have the least crowded. Will check this out. Bathroom breaks, which I have to take often, can be the big difference in a touring plan!

Show me your touring plans, I’ll show you the best bathroom breaks between every stop. :joy:

Lol, its for end of 2021, ive only created AK and Epcot. Gonna tackle the next 2 at 2020 start. The new rides are throwing me, bc theyre will be SOO many by then. Ill save the thread and check back wit ya

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HS is the one in the Brown Derby! Nobody thinks to go in there.

In EP Future World the ones in the Club Cool building are huge. In WS people like the one by the Japan QS, but it has 3 stalls and was hot and filthy when I was there.


Right, the one i was saying across from Ms in Epcot is by the Cool Club perse.

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Sorry I missed this and jinxed you! This one is soooo convienient located too.

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Used it this past May and it was hot and very limited lighting. I thought there was a partial power outage or something.

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Stay away from the one nearest Toee of Terror. It was a horror show last time I went.

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Yes, thats one of the worst.

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I will say the worst bathrooms are all the ones in Epcot, based totally on how far apart they are. I have no actual evidence of this, but I believe there are fewer per park square foot than other parks.

I am also speaking as someone who came down with a stomach ailment while in France and then had to try to not be sick while bopping between bathrooms back to the entrance.