Disney World Kids Travel Log

In the Lines chat I’ve been participating in a thread about whether or not Disney World is educational and, as such, whether you could get excused school absences for your kids.

Somebody posted a link to a great form letter you could use (after modifying for you) to send to the school which I’ve tried. There’s no official word back yet, although the teacher did acknowledge receipt of the letter and thanked me for it - citing how excited she was that Logan would going and how great it is when parents plan on focusing at least some of the time spent at WDW on educational aspects. So - here’s crossing my fingers! The link: http://www.themouseforless.com/disney-downloads/school-excuse-letters/sample-letter/

Somebody else posted a link to some downloadable pages for a travel log you could create and use for your children. I reviewed these, but some looked a bit outdated. For example, the log pages for Hollywood Studios still referred to MGM, and had questions about the Sorcerer’s Hat (which isn’t there anymore). For thoroghnous, here is the link: http://www.themouseforless.com/disney-downloads/kids-travel-journal/

I thought the travel log idea was terrific, but wanted something a bit more current, with a bit more “meat” to it:

  • My son is in 2nd grade and writes more than just a few words to respond, so the downloadable logs’ lack of writing space bothered me
  • I wanted areas for my son to be able to draw a picture or paste a photo into the log
  • I have no problem springing for a World Showcase passport - and I’m sure we will do that one day (we’re at Epcot 2 days) but I wanted to also include in the Travel Log a place for him to get his stamp, place a sticker and have each country’s Kid-Cot CM be able to write a note.

In summary, the travel log will be something for him to record his memories and experiences and, in the end, not only serve as a terrific “show and tell” piece for his class, but also a great keepsake/scrapbook. My plan is to print this out, punch holes in the pages, bind them into a folder (with dividers, by purpose/day), decorate the folder and the dividers with stickers, sharpies, etc. - and then print out some coloring pages to put in the pockets in case he needs something to keep busy at meals, etc.

I promised the Lines chat folks I’d upload a link to the travel log for general availability. Being in Word (vs. PDF), you can download and modify this as you see fit for your kid(s). I found all clip-art on Google/Bing - just copy, paste and re-size into the Word document where needed. Hopefully this helps somebody else - if not - at least I’ve backed up my file by uploading it here :slight_smile:

Link to Travel Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17241792/My%20Walt%20Disney%20World%20Travel%20Journal.docx


Thanks for sharing! Although I am firmly in the “a WDW vacation is not an educational trip” camp, I can appreciate all the effort you put into this. It is a great way for kids to record and remember their trip!

This is wonderful!! We are planning a trip with our entire, HUGE family (we have a collective of 9 adult children, most with spouses/SOs, and 10 - so far - grandchildren) for May 2018, before school is out. This will be helpful for the littles and their parents. Fun too!

This is fantastic, thank you! I do think a trip to WDW can be made to be a learning experience. From planning the details of the trip, the history of Walt Disney’s dream coming to fruition, the business aspect from customer service to financials to marketing, business and operations strategy, architecture…I could go on. I think the bigger issue is finding a balance between making it an educational trip vs. letting the kids chill and just be a kid!

Thanks for sharing!